Workpackage 01

Coordination and Management

Yannis Manios

Leader Institute:
Harokopio University

This WP will comprise the co-ordination task to promote and ensure integrated and timely progress of the project communication. For this purpose this WP will set up a communication and feedback structure, apply a quality control infrastructure, prepare and organise progress meetings, coordinate timely reporting of content, deliverables and finance, and generally support the steering Committee and WPs of ToyBox. Furthermore, it is of importance that all results from WP2-5 will be stored centrally in databases that can easily be accessed by all WP 6 participants. This will be time efficient and it will guarantee that all results are reported in the same way. Formats for data storage will be decided upon in close collaboration with the relevant WP leaders. It is also of great importance that all data obtained in WP 2-9 are stored and managed centrally after initial data management and analyses within the subsequent WPs. This WP will also acquire the data for the secondary data analyses which will be more efficient since different WPs will use the same datasets.


1.1 Support the overall running, and coordinate the integrated progress of the project, including financial management 1.2 Set up a structure for communication> 1.3 Store and manage all data obtained in WP 2-9 1.4 Retrieve and administer all results from WP2-9 1.5 Communicate with and report to the European Commission