Workpackage 09

Evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of the intervention

Lieven Annemans

Leader Institution:
Ghent University

The investment associated with the programme will be measured by including data collection related to setting up the programme as explained in WP3 and 6. Also, during the programme implementation, data will be collected regarding resource use (e.g. teacher time, parental time …) (WP7). Then, a health economic model will be developed to calculate the long term impact of the programme in terms of costs and health effects. This will result in a cost-effectiveness analysis expressed in cost per QALY or cost per avoided DALY.


9.1 Measurement of the costs associated with preparing and implementing the intervention programme as described in WPs 3, 6 and 7.

9.2 Estimation of the long term costs, effects and cost-effectiveness of the intervention programme.