University of Luxembourg

University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Lead Contact: 
Claus Voegele
Short Description of Institute: 

The University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg (ULU): founded in 2003, the University of Luxembourg is one of the youngest universities in Europe and offers a range of high-quality programmes at all levels. It is multilingual and research-led, with a strong focus on systems biomedicine and related areas from the natural and social sciences. The research team implicated in Toy Box is formed from members of the group in Clinical and Health Psychology (leader: Prof. Claus Vögele, PhD) within the INSIDE Research Centre of the University of Luxemburg, which focuses on the identification of risk factors for major chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, obesity, and disordered eating to develop strategies for better intervention and prevention. The group’s research activities take place in custom-built laboratories newly equipped for psychophysiological (ECG, EDA, continuous blood pressure, impedance cardiography etc.), developmental (including eye-tracking), neuropsychological and cognitive neuroscience (including state-of-the art EEG systems) methods. Members of the group also share facilities provided by the University’s Neurophysiology laboratories. For field research, the group has a range of ambulatory testing equipment, and a comprehensive psychological test library.

Staff Members who will be undertaking the work: