Workpackage 10


Tim Lobstein

Leader Institution:
International Association for the Study of Obesity

Effective and successful interventions at school setting can only take place when there is sufficient public and stakeholder understanding and support, along with the necessary backing from policy-makers and politicians. WP10 takes the work of the ToyBox project and disseminates this to relevant stakeholders in order to directly inform policy and practice regarding obesity prevention efforts in young children. Because of the direct applicability of the project’s results dissemination to the scientific community and to policy makers and health promotion professionals is equally important. To give this task the necessary attention, the ToyBox project has dedicated a specific WP to dissemination.
This WP will use all information available from WP 2-9, and especially information from WP5 (on contextual factors and existing infrastructures in schools) and WP 9 (on cost-effectiveness of the programme), in order to promote the ToyBox intervention and will further promote timely dissemination of the results of the Work Packages during the course of the project.


10.1 Listing of a network of all research efforts at the European level on obesity and overweight prevention, nutrition and physical activity, and health inequalities in these issues across Europe, including information on the expertise and projects that are currently underway or being developed in these areas.

10.2 Dissemination of the publicly available deliverables and results from the project to the main stake holders: schoolchildren, parents, school staff, policy makers, health professionals and scientists.

10.3 Inform and generate interaction between relevant stakeholders and public policy-makers working on the field of obesity, physical activity nutrition and health inequalities.

10.4 Serve as review board for research findings generated and serve as an advisory and consultancy point for the European Commission in relation to evidence-based policies.