National Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

National Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Lead Contact: 
Goof Buijs
Short Description of Institute: 

The NATIONAAL INSTITUUT VOOR GEZONDHEIDSBEVORDERING EN ZIEKTEPREVENTIE (Netherlands Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention), the Netherlands (NIGZ) has been actively involved in the European Network for Health Promoting Schools since 1992 coordinated by the WHO Euro in Copenhagen. Since 2007 NIGZ runs the secretariat of the network which now has a new name: Schools for Health in Europe network, or SHE network. NIGZ has a central position in the Netherlands in developing and implementing programmes in support of healthy behaviour and healthy environments. NIGZ motivates, supports and facilitates people in choosing and living a healthy lifestyle. As a national operating institute it supports the local public health policy and their professionals and has structural, national programmes for various target groups, including youth and adolescents, the elderly and deprived socio-economic groups. NIGZ works for settings: school, work, community, care.

Staff Members who will be undertaking the work: