International Association for the Study of Obesity

International Association for the Study of Obesity, London, UK

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Tim Lobstein
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The INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF OBESITY, London, UK (IASO) and its policy section, the International Obesity TaskForce (together known as IASO-IOTF) lead the world in promoting issues concerning obesity and obesity policies. IASO-IOTF is a 10,000-member scientific society and research dissemination body with over 50 national and regional associations around the globe. IASO-IOTF has wide experience in advising policy makers and as such is well-suited to disseminate the results of the proposed programme of work to local policy makers responsible for obesity prevention in the general public. It’ s member organization, the European Association for the Study of Obesity, organizes the annual European Congress on Obesity and consists of a scientific network of national associations for the study of obesity.

Staff Members who will be undertaking the work: