Workpackage 05

Contextual and legislation framework of pre-primary education and school-based health promotion activity in Europe

Goof Buijs

Leader Institution:
National Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Schools as well as school-based health promotion activities, food services and personnel function under a given contextual and legislation framework which varies at a local and national level. This contextual framework as well pre-primary education personnel (key stakeholders) are important moderators and mediators of any intervention applied in the pre-primary education setting since they will be the actual facilitators of the intervention.
In WP5 existing legislation and policies with regard to the above will be identified. In addition, existing initiatives and programmes concerning healthy eating and physical activity in pre-primary education settings (for age group 4-6 years) but also obstacles and success factors that influence the development and implementation of these programmes will be overviewed in each country participating in WP6.


5.1 Identification of legislation and policies for pre-primary education settings in the participation countries.

5.2 Overview of existing health promotion activities in pre-primary education at a local, regional, national and European level and to identify the role of existing stakeholders.

5.3 Identification of obstacles and success factors for developing and implementing health promotion policies and programmes in pre-primary education settings taking into account the cross-cultural aspects of school policies and systems.

5.4 Outline of strategies and recommendations for improving the development and implementation of interventions based at pre-primary education settings.